Skerries Radio Club, 1982

The Skerries Radio Club, members meeting in approximately 1985 with a display of club radio equipment.

Skerries Radio Club 1985

Back Row: Left to Right: Michael Doyle, Unknown, Unknown, Mr West, Vincent McGetrick, Mr Hughes.

Front Row: Left to Right: Austin Hughes, Unknown, Eddie Doyle, Derek McGonagle, Bernie Gough, Gerry Fitzgerald, Bill Curtis.

If anyone recognises the Unknown persons in the photo, please let us via the comments box below.

Carlingford Mountain SOTA Activated by Skerries Radio Club Member

sota jan2019

EI8HIB/P Activating Slieve Foye (Carlingford Mountain) SOTA code IE/EI-015

Summits On The Air (SOTA) is an amateur radio awards scheme. Its purpose is to encourage Radio Amateurs to get out onto the hills and make QSO’s using portable equipment. To participate in this scheme you do not become a “member”, there are no dues to be paid or membership cards to be issued. You can join in straight away! You can then Activate (climb summits and operate an amateur station on any band and make a minimum of 4 QSO’s) or Chase (search for and contact activators) when you feel like it – SOTA is global, activations can take place throughout the 24 hours of the day.

All the guidance and information about SOTA and how to get involved in Activating or Chasing summits is available on the SOTA website (

Weather conditions on the mountain were a little damp and cloudy, however VHF conditions were ideal. QSO’s were made on 2 Metres with Wales, the Pennines in northern England, Drogheda, Dublin and Derry.


Radio Club Oct

The full blown Shack-in-a-Box from Mark, EI8EFB, has all you need to make a contact on HF and VHF.
An ingenious solution to the problem of being able to pick up your shack, and go somewhere nice and quiet to have a rag-chew or listen in to the local news net. Or for an AREN Field Day exercise. It has a built-in PSU, Antenna Tuner, SWR, Power meter and a SignalLink unit for digital modes. With provision for a 12V battery on the upper level. Fair play Mark, it’s a really nice radio kit.

Radio Club Octb

We had a QSO on 10m using the Club call sign, EI2NCR, with Adrian, EI2KJ using the newly installed Ameritron. It was all good and a bit of craic.

The New Club Shack. First QSO’s.

Skerries Radio Club’s begins operating on HF and VHF from the new club shack at Skerries Harbour using the newly installed Ameritron Vertical HF antenna and the Diamond Vertical 2m VHF antenna.
One of the first contacts was Anthony EI2KC on 10 metres surface wave straight across the water to Drogheda. Thanks Anthony.
New Club 20181009
Ben EI2IN, Pat EI2HX and Austin EI3HS setting up the kit.

Archive Club Photos

Skerries Radio Club Presentation

From the left, Bill EI 1488, Derek EI7CHB, Michael EI 1548, PAT EI2HX, Ben EI4IN seated, Austin EI3HS, John EI8BX.

skerries archive 002

Michael and John.


Michael EI1548,John EI8BX,Pat EI2HX, Derek EI7CHB, Terry EI4GLB and Ben EI4IN. Windmills on the Air weekend.

skerries archive 014

Bill,Ben and Pat in the Hoar Rock Clubhouse.

Skerries Radio Club took part…

Skerries Radio Club took part in the 2018 “Mills on the Air” weekend. Blue skies, but cool and windy. The crew maintained the station for the Saturday and Sunday with QSO’s in England and The Netherlands.


Members from Skerries Radio Club…

Members from Skerries Radio Club installed two new antennae, on Ameritron HF antenna and a 2m VHF antenna. They were installed just before storm Ali hit the country. Fortunately the antennae survived the storm.Skerries Radio Club Sep2018